Any relationship’s beginning, or the “chase,” is frequently its most mystifyingly thrilling stage and what gives the union its structure going forward. It is the process through which two people get to know one another, form a bond, and designate roles that go unspoken in their relationship.

In this chapter, one person assumes the role of the chaser, running toward the other in quest of love and commitment, while the other person takes on the role of the runner, attempting to play the hard to get.
Regardless of how often it is in all relationships, this phase of being pursued by someone is one of the most exciting times for certain zodiacs.

But who doesn’t like being pursued? You may inquire. The fact is that certain zodiac signs like the pursuit far more than others, and for them, doing so fills the innermost portions of their spirit with pride and excitement.

Let’s find out whether you perfectly match the list or if your potential love partner is simply another sign who is loving this.


The lion of the jungle is skilled at capturing everyone’s interest. They stand out from the moment they roar, or more often than not, simply their presence in a room may jolt everything into motion.
They like challenging their target to get their attention since they are aware that they deserve every inch of the pursuit. Even if the Leo was head over heels in love, they would ignore their emotions in order to attract your attention.
They dislike things that are given to them easily, and if they learn that the person they are interested in is unable to participate in the sport of pursuing, they are willing to let them go. They are only raising the bar to see whether there is potential for this relationship, after all.
They are aware that they can only survive with someone who is willing to give it their all and treat Leo as their first priority.
They like the hunt since it enables them to determine if they are with a long-term prospective mate!


Even when they are only acting to flee, the flirty Gemini inwardly yearns to be pursued. They constantly look behind them to make sure their POI is moving with them at all times.
They could claim to be unavailable, seem indifferent, or try to appear distant, but they realize it’s all part of their strategy.
They like keeping things ambiguous and erratic. They like exciting encounters and think that the best way to maintain the romance in a relationship is by letting someone pursue them. They like continuing to test the waters to see how far their potential suitor will go to find them.
The Gemini evaluate their partner’s dedication to them by continuing the pursuit phase. This helps Gemini avoid the horror of unanticipated events and provides them a sense of control over the situation while also ensuring that their partner is in it for the long run.


Sagittarius is a people person who likes exploring new experiences and prefers to surround themselves with others who will allow them take center stage. They are hogs for attention and demand that Sagittarius be seen, heard, and taken seriously.
They make care to communicate this to their possible mate when they first encounter them by using their pursue maneuver. Although they will pretend they do not exist and ignore them, Sagittarius secretly wishes they would continue to appear and pursue them with all of their heart.
They secretly think that there is no one they can’t fall in love with the seductive Sagittarius head over heels with. Their expertise is during the hunt phase, when they watch how their significant other may capture their attention and swear the Sagittarius.
They are self-assured that they can have whomever they want, thus they won’t hesitate to be the chasers as well.


Because it makes them feel valued and admired, Libra is the romantic sign that enjoys being pursued. Libras seek a sense of desire and want. They like receiving lavish attention and grand love gestures.
Since it’s crucial for them to keep things interesting and exciting to stay committed in a relationship, they enjoy keeping the flirt angel alive throughout the relationship.
They quickly lose interest if they believe their love partner isn’t pursuing the desirable Libra and isn’t providing them the attention and devotion they deserve. They are open to moving on to another particular someone who understands how to keep them on their toes in order to vow the seductive Libra.



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