Some folks just invite problems. Even while not all of them intentionally create problems or do anything to make their lives more interesting, trouble sometimes simply accompanies them. Simply said, their stars are to blame.

They resemble the wind that comes in but leaves behind thunderous problems. While sometimes this trouble just affects them personally and doesn’t last, other times it puts those around them in uncomfortable situations—even if they had nothing to do with the original incident.

They often bring a plus one (which may be you if you’re not cautious) and have a propensity to knock on trouble’s door without even realizing that trouble is waiting for them inside.

These zodiac signs can put you in stressful situations that you might not be able to escape, so if you prefer to avoid uncomfortable situations, you should avoid them.


Leo’s impatience and anger inevitably land them in jail for the most of their lives. They often find themselves in difficulty because of their hostility. They may be in a terrific mood and enjoying a wonderful day, yet it would take someone making a little error for them to lose it!

Even if they spilled blood in their rage, they wouldn’t regret it. Their lack of a sense of boundaries constantly puts them in dangerous circumstances. Imagine being with a Leo and learning that they recently committed a heinous crime! The likelihood is that you will be imprisoned beside them in addition to them.


Scorpios have a reputation for drawing their claws if they perceive a danger. The danger might come in the form of someone attempting to get in the Scorpio’s way, trying to steal their thunder, posing an ego threat to them, or just having bad intentions.

They don’t play it cool and keep their evil side hidden. Instead, they are always on the verge of a strike whenever the situation arises.

Due to their aggressive demeanor, they often find themselves in potentially harmful circumstances as well as traps or scenarios that might cause drama. Simply put, Scorpio is the source of the problem.


Aquarius is someone who may get you in trouble even if you aren’t playing a part in this circumstance since they are known to be in control when it comes to exacting retribution from anybody who rubs them the wrong way.

They are very cunning and vindictive, and these traits often place them in sticky positions.

Because of their daring and adventurous nature, they often act as the bad guy in any circumstance, putting their reputation and lives in danger. You should always be on the lookout while around an Aquarius since you never know what you’re getting into.


Sagittarius has the innate ruthlessness to go to whatever lengths to put their lives in order and ensure their future.

Despite being highly intelligent and imaginative creatures, they have a tendency to be lazy, believe in getting rich quick, and will go to any lengths to accomplish their objectives. They are notorious for engaging in behavior that might get them in hot water with the law.

They often put their adventurous nature to use by putting themselves in dangerously risky circumstances. If you like to stay far away from danger, their lifestyle choices and manner of life should raise a serious warning signal.



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