he phase of freshly falling in love often turns a blind eye at the beginning of a partnership when it comes to the partner’s little quirks. But at some point the pink glasses disappear, everyday life begins and then it is important to be mindful. Relationship killers lurk on every corner, which can lead to the end faster than you can see.


Relationship Killer 1: Jealousy

It is normal to be jealous at one time or another. It shows the partner how much he means to us and can flatter him. But jealousy can also become pure poison for the relationship if it determines everyday life. Looking secretly into the cell phone, following every comment on social media and dramatic jealousy scenes because the partner is looking at someone are no longer natural. It stresses the jealous and the partner . The reason for the strong jealousy lies in a lack of self-esteem and the fear that the partner could leave you. Loving yourself and not making your own happiness dependent on your partner can help you get a grip on jealousy. Otherwise, you drive the partner into someone else’s arms or just flee.


Relationship Killer 2: Selfishness

It is good for every relationship if you pursue your own goals and interests. But the right dose is crucial here too. An overdose of selfishness is a real relationship killer. Those who only satisfied their own needs did not understand what constituted a relationship: togetherness, togetherness, giving and taking. Nothing is more important than pursuing common goals and interests, be it traveling together, a house or the desire to have children. And both partners have to work equally on this. If one partner only ever gives and the other only ever takes, then this leads to injustice and the end of the relationship in the long term.


Relationship killer 3: criticism

It would be nice if the partner does what you want. Or? The expectations of the partner are accordingly high and mostly hoped for changes. Then it is a matter of nagging what it takes. The toilet lid is open again and the socks are back on the floor. These little quirks and mistakes are a real ordeal for women. Most of the time they are the ones who want to transform or change their partner. But criticism and complaining often fall on deaf ears. They are perceived as an attack and injury and lead to neither insight nor motivation. And that’s exactly what it takes for the partner to change. But whoever still thinks that grumbling brings the desired success is wrong. Dissatisfaction is pre-programmed on both sides and leads to the failure of the relationship. Those who want to avoid this should show more tolerance and not always hang on to small things.

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Relationship Killer 4: Brackets

The spider monkeys are loose! It is nice and good to show your partner that you love him and like to spend time with him. But everything beautiful can eventually become too much. This is the case at the latest when you are overwhelmed. After all, life has more to offer than just a relationship. It is part of life and not the whole. Freedom, your own interests and hobbies are important in order to develop and be happy. Constant oaths of love and brackets can overwhelm the partner. What follows is distance or the final farewell to free yourself from the bracket situation. As they say? Less is more . Just let go.


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