At the beginning of a relationship, you are a heart and a soul and could spend 24 hours a day without getting on your nerves. Everything is new, everything is exciting and that’s a good thing. Whether the love affair has the stuff to the very, very big love, shows up only after months or years. But to speed up this process, you can ask your partner the following questions. His answers will tell you a lot about whether you’re similar in terms of basic attitudes about relationships:

1. “How much time do you need for yourself?”

No matter how in love, sooner or later everyone has to spend time with themselves. But how much time may and should one claim for a relationship on one’s own? It is important to discuss this with your partner, because each person is different and has different needs. Do you have a quiet minute for you after coming home from work? Then you should definitely communicate this to your loved one. But even your friend has the right to schedule ego time without drama. It should definitely be so arranged that both agree with it. And having a separate time is good for a partnership, because then new energy flows, and you can chat about those events and experiences that everyone has made in their time.

2. “How would you plan a big profit?”

While it is incredibly awkward for some to talk about finance, you have to talk openly with your sweetheart about planning a long term relationship. Because if someone throws the money out the window and lives in the moment, while the other puts every penny aside, the two will probably get constantly in the hair. At the latest with a common household one must be in these matters anyway approximately on a level. It’s also a lot of fun and makes the butterflies fly up in their bellies, if you can imagine a future together and also have a little dream. When asked what you would do with a lottery win, it is not so much about being prepared for the case, but seeing if you have similar values ​​in terms of money.

3. “How do you want to deal with your parents in their old age?”

Even if you do not want to admit it, your own parents are not getting any younger either. And that’s why you should talk in your relationship about how to care for your parents when they can not do it themselves. Shall mom go to a nursing home, or will she live with you? Is there room for that at all? What about his parents? It is definitely important to talk about this sensitive issue as well.

4. “How do you behave after a fight?”

You like to let the dispute cool down, but your sweetheart would like to clear it up immediately? If you discuss this soon, how you would like to stay after a fight, it will save you a lot of trouble in the end. It is important that one then simply speaks out again and nobody has the feeling that they always have to swallow the trouble.