All of us have met with men during our dating experience who did not mean it to us or were totally bored. In other words, men who simply were not the right ones. But sometimes it takes Mr. Wrong to get to know Mr. Right and that’s why we show you the top 4 guys that everyone on his ex-list has!

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The holiday flirt

You met him last year on holiday with your girls. He was a waiter, a pool boy, a DJ or a tourist like her. You had an exciting time together and every date was filled with adventure and lots of fun. At your departure, you promised to stay in touch, but once you got home , the contact became less and less, and what remained was a distant holiday memory. Even if it hurts, you had a great time that no one can take you and a story that you sometimes like to think back in wanderlust.

The bad boy

They are super hot, set the tone and are full of secrets. No wonder we are so attracted to the Bad Boys. So does the brave and well-behaved protagonist Tessa Young in the latest film “After Passion” , which meets the college boy Bad Boy Hardin Scott and is immediately cast under his spell. He’s dark, outrageous and damn sexy – anything Tessa does not want to be and yet or just because of that she falls head over heels in love with him and knows she’ll never be the one she once wanted to be … we all know anyway somehow , right? The resolution will be available from April 11 in all Cineplexx cinemas – so secure tickets now!

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The mother’s son

Basically, everything fits perfectly: He’s a true gentleman and so different from the other guys you’ve had. If there were not this one woman in his life, his mother! Because of her, he keeps postponing his dates with her and raving about her every free minute. Sure it is nice if he has a good relationship with his mother, but what is too much is too much. Point.

The way too nice guy

Everybody has ever had this one guy who is super-fond, doing everything for you and fully agreeing with you on each of your remarks. Actually yes, the dream type par excellence, only the spark just will not skip. Because there are times when you wish that he is not always d’accord with your opinion, but also gives you some contraindications. And even if you do not want to hurt him, you know he’s not right for you. But how grandma has always said wise: Each pot finds its perfect lid!

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