We’ve just appeared on the other side of a disorderly duration of cosmic drama– one that included deep-diving into our connections throughout January’s Venus retrograde, as well as attempting to maintain our ideas together via Mercury retrograde. The astrology of Valentine’s Day 2023 feels much brighter, but it does begin the edge of an effective full moon that’ll bring our feelings to an orgasm. While that might be intense for a few of us, it doesn’t need to be a turbulent time, especially if you’re one of the zodiac signs least impacted by Valentine’s Day 2023 as well as the February full moon.

Valentine’s Day kicks off with the moon entering the fancy fire sign Leo throughout the morning hours. This lunar access will undoubtedly make all zodiac signs feel much more enthusiastic and performative about their sensations– which is an inviting vibe for any kind of over-the-top enchanting V-Day gestures. We may feel the psychological power building as the day takes place, as the February 2023 full moon (likewise referred to as the Snow Moon) will come to a head two days later, on Feb. 16. In addition to the fast-approaching moon, we’ll also have love world Venus, as well as hot world Mars, snuggled up in a conjunction facet via Valentine’s Day– and also this has the possible to trigger some balmy as well as sensuous new beginnings, particularly in the realms of love and partnerships.

While this might sound like a lot of planetary action, the majority is somewhat positive– so there’s no factor to bother with any astrological dramatization detering your V-Day strategies. Continue reading to find out which zodiac signs are in the shop for the most chill Valentine’s Day 2023 and Full Snow Moon feelings.

Gemini Zodiac Signs (May 21 – June 20).

The gregarious and also enthusiastic moon in Leo is lighting up your desire for more social links, Gemini, so it’s a fantastic day to hit your buddies with some sweet and also nostalgic V-Day messages or meet them for a Galentine’s drink to dish regarding your love and dating dramatization. If you remain in a relationship, this can also be a powerful time to link even more intimately with your lover. A peaceful night full of red wine as well as deep conversations might be exactly what the planetary medical professional purchased– do not be afraid to share what’s on your heart as well as obtain prone.

Libra Zodiac Signs (Sept. 23 – Oct. 22).

Lovely Venus is your ruling earth, Libra, so Valentine’s Day is generally mosting likely to be a romantic affair. Nonetheless, you could find that you’re thinking extra about avoiding or hanging out with your crew this year. The moon will be lighting up the most friendship-oriented part of your chart, putting your concentration on your social circle and also motivating you to connect even more deeply with your area. Rather than overflowing with sensations about your partnerships, you may feel likely to go back and consider points more objectively, which can supply you with a useful viewpoint.

Sagittarius Zodiac Signs (Nov. 22 – Dec. 21).

Valentine’s Day should not bring you any planetary dramatization, Sagittarius– yet that does not suggest it’ll be dull! The nearly-full moon in fellow fire sign Leo is brightening your need for adventure and expertise, so you might find yourself choosing fresh experiences or enlightening discussions. If you’re planning a Valentine’s Day day, try going someplace you have actually never been and also wandering off far from your best places. If you’re flying solo, it’s a good time to treat yourself as well as delight in your extravagant side. Listen to your body as well as lean into whatever feels excellent, as you’re currently uncovering entirely brand-new desires within yourself.


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