Element: Water

Date: October 23-November 21; the eighth sign of the zodiac

Ruling planet: Pluto and Mars

Quality: Fixed

Color: Black

Most compatible with: Cancer, Capricorn, Pisces

Least compatible with: Libra, Leo, Gemini

Fixed signs: Taurus, Leo, Aquarius


Thursday March 4, 2021: Be aware of how keen – or inflated – your desire to control could be at this time. Scorpios like your good self get bad press all too often because of this. But wanting to control something with the support of others who share your vision is a different story. Others will respond well to words like ‘we’ and ‘us.’ Use those words in the belief they’ll do a good job of allaying any concerns they have.


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The Scorpio Symbol

  • Scorpio’s symbol is the scorpion.
    • Represents control, sex, intimacy, and power.
    • Similar to the Virgo “M” symbol but has a tail to represent the scorpion’s stinger.
    • The symbol goes back to Babylonian times with the red star known as Anatares (which means “the heart of the Scorpion”).
  • Tarot → Death card:
    • Not as bad as it seems →  it actually symbolizes transformation and new beginnings.
    • This card usually has a skeleton holding a flag.
      • The white skeleton bones represent cleansing and purification.
      • The flag symbolizes power.

Scorpio Symbol

Scorpios will sting you if you treat them with disrespect. They are one of the most honest signs of the zodiac who don’t have any patience for lying, cheating, or stealing. They tell the truth and expect the people surrounding them to do the same. Even small infractions will bother them. They don’t have any time for mixed signals, dating games, or toxic people. If they feel like they have been betrayed or wronged in any way, then they are going to start a fight. They aren’t afraid of confrontation. They are brave enough to stand their ground.

This star sign is only comfortable when they are the ones in control. They aren’t good at seeing both sides of a situation or coming to compromises because they are determined to get their way. They are stubborn, obsessive, and self-proclaimed control freaks. Since they know exactly what they want, they are not going to give up on their goals easily. They are not going to change their opinion easily, either. They feel intensely, so you shouldn’t expect them to back down from an argument or alter what they believe in.

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Scorpio Under the Planetary Ruler of Pluto and Mars

Every zodiac sign is ruled by something. Scorpio is the only zodiac that is ruled by 2 planets, Mars and Pluto — maybe that’s why they’re such an intense sign!

Mars is associated with initiative and self-expression, while Pluto is linked to psychic energy (fate, destiny, astrology). A Scorpio ruled under Mars has the power and determination to be self-made and go after the things they want most out of life.

Weirdly enough though, Scorpios hate not being in control, so putting their faith in fate or destiny is not something they like to do. Scorpio season is October 23-November 21st. Halloween is extra mystical for those with Scorpio in their zodiac chart because of the psychic energy and ruling of Pluto.

When Mercury retrograde occurs in Scorpio, a person might find that they are working extra hard to gain control in life. However, as it’s known for mercury retrograde, don’t ever make big decisions (especially financial!) because things might fall apart or cause a storm of issues, and as we know about the Scorpio, they don’t like when things aren’t controlled.

Scorpios are determined, passionate, and single-minded. They stay hyper-focused whenever they have their mindset on something. Since they believe anything is possible, they set high goals for themselves. They don’t have any limits. Even if they suffer from a setback or a failure, they won’t let it get them down for long. They will bounce back quickly and try again. They aren’t quitters. They keep going because they know their end result will be worth all of the efforts they are exerting.

Scorpios need to feel like they are in control over every single situation — and over their own emotions. They never show their vulnerability in public. Even some of their loved ones, who have known them their entire lives, have never seen them with tears in their eyes. They try to keep their emotions to themselves and cry behind closed doors. Scorpios don’t trust people easily, so they don’t want to give anyone ammo to use against them in the future. They don’t want to appear weak.

Scorpio: The Water Element 

Professional astrologers believe that water signs are the most fluid and adaptive of all the other elements. Water signs lead with their emotions rather than their intellect. A Scorpio is one of the most intense signs and is known for having mood swings, just as water signs are susceptible to it too. Those with this element are more intuitive and psychic too, which makes sense because Scorpio is ruled by Pluto, the planet of psychic energy!

Scorpio: The Fixed Sign 

Fixed signs, like the Scorpio, are very stable and determined in everything they set their heart and mind to. Endurance is one of their strengths! As fixed signs do, Scorpios will be self-resilient and self-made and very much “my way or the highway.”

Scorpios aren’t a stranger to mood swings. They feel all of their emotions with strong intensity. This makes them fun to be around when they’re in a good mood. However, it makes them a danger when they are in a bad mood. They have a short temper and are prone to small acts of violence. They get incredibly jealous when other people reach personal and professional achievements before them. Everything is a competition to them — and they don’t like to lose.

On a lighter note, when a Scorpio sets their sights on anything, including a relationship, they do not give up easily. A few speed bumps aren’t going to cause them to walk away from someone special. They are problem solvers, so they will work toward fixing whatever is wrong. Scorpios simply aren’t interested in casual relationships. They prefer serious relationships that are built to last. Although it takes them a long time to open up to other people, they form deep emotional connections. They will show up for a partner, family member, or friend whenever they are in need, no questions asked. They are loyal. They are committed. They are excellent partners.

Strengths of Scorpio 

  • Loyal.
  • Passionate.
  • Observant.
  • Dynamic.

Weaknesses of Scorpio 

  • Jealous.
  • Manipulative.
  • Obsessive.
  • Can hold a grudge.
  • Can go through mood swings.

Scorpio Personality Traits

Here are some things you should know about the Scorpio person:

  • Intense passion → can do anything they put their minds to.
  • Relationships and friendships can get very complicated very quick because of their mood swings.
  • Inner intensity.
  • Fiercely independent. They’re not the kind of person to be social or thrive in social situations.
  • Observant and will oftentimes ask a lot of questions to get to the core of something.
  • Have the strength and determination to get things done.
  • Would prefer to be in power – they don’t like to feel as if they’re not in control of something (or someone).

Scorpios are confident, brave, and independent. They feel like they don’t need anyone else because they are perfectly capable of taking care of themselves. Even when they enter a committed relationship or develop close friendships, they still like to have their space. They don’t want to feel smothered, and don’t want to feel like they needed another person to survive. They would rather work on a task themselves, so they know it’s done the right way and they don’t end up disappointed. They prefer to have full control.

Scorpios can sometimes have trouble keeping friends because of their rapid, unexpected mood swings. Not everyone appreciates their brutal, uncensored honesty and combative personality. It doesn’t help that as soon as someone gets on their bad side, a Scorpio will not hesitate to leave them in the past. However, if someone sticks by a Scorpio, they will be a loyal friend. They will keep any secrets you tell them and they will be the first to volunteer to help with difficult tasks, whether you are moving into a new apartment, want a designated driver, or simply need someone to listen to you vent.

If Your Moon Sign is in Scorpio… 

In astrology, your moon sign represents feelings, intuition, and how or if emotions are expressed. Scorpios are intense signs, so when it comes to feelings, things can be overwhelming. So what does that mean for a Scorpio moon?

  • Complications in friendships and relationships.
    • Lots of mood swings.
    • An intense desire for a deep bond and getting to the core of feelings.
  • Very intuitive.
  • Mysterious and secretive.

With the full moon in Scorpio, life can appear rocky and like things are all over the place and out of control, but that just means breakthroughs and transformation are happening and new beginnings are on their way.

Scorpios are mysterious. They build walls around themselves in order to keep other people at an arm’s length. Of course, this doesn’t mean they are anti-social. They actually make great friends because they will listen more than they speak. They will encourage the other person to vent about their fears and their feelings without passing judgment. However, they won’t volunteer any information about themselves. They will always redirect the conversation back toward you.

Since Scorpios spend more time listening than speaking, they are masters of keeping secrets. They are not going to gossip with everyone at work or school. They are not going to spread rumors. They keep their knowledge to themselves. However, they might also keep their real motivations and agendas to themselves. Since no one ever knows exactly what they are thinking, but they know everything about everyone else, it’s quite easy for them to gain leverage on their loved ones.

If Your Rising Sign is in Scorpio

In astrology, we each have a rising sign or an ascendant sign. This represents first impressions, how people perceive you when they first meet you, and how you react to spontaneity and certain situations.

Scorpios are a water sign, which means they’re more willing to go with the flow of things, however, that doesn’t necessarily mean they won’t give up the opportunity to be in control. So what does it mean if your rising is in Scorpio?

  • Creative and detail-oriented.
  • Ambitious.
  • Like to get close to people but don’t necessarily like people to get close to them. They’re not very social creatures – they’re more independent than anything else — but will still enjoy social situations from time to time.
  • They come across as very secretive and mysterious because they don’t like to talk about their problems or their feelings, especially with people who don’t know them. They’ll only open up with people who they can trust.

Scorpios are detail-oriented. They have big goals for their future, so they are constantly thinking ten steps ahead. Unfortunately, they assume everyone else has secret intentions, so they are careful about who they trust — especially in the workplace. They are ambitious and highly competitive, so they will fight dirty in order to get to the top. They will make sure that they earn what they believe they deserve because they don’t want their hard work to be for nothing.

Although Scorpios are comfortable in pretty much any social situation, they are also comfortable spending time on their own. They don’t get bogged down by loneliness when they spend a long time in their own home. They enjoy their own company. It gives them time to work toward achieving their goals. Besides, even when they make friendships, they tend to be one-sided. The other person will talk more, contribute more, initiative more. They will give back less than they are getting, at least until they get to know the person better.

If Your Venus Sign is in Scorpio

In astrology, your Venus sign represents love, sex, attraction, and beauty. The Scorpio zodiac sign is known to be quite passionate and can take on traits of a fire sign because of that intensity. So what does that mean if your Venus sign is in Scorpio?

  • You appreciate someone who is genuine.
  • You love people with strength and drive because that’s your personality too.
  • Often mysterious and unpredictable, you just do whatever you want in life and love and will want a partner to understand that side of your personality.
  • Don’t like for pushed feelings – when you’re ready to open up your heart, you will.
  • A Scorpio lover is intense, passionate, sensual, and sexual.

Scorpios don’t react well to peer pressure. If you give them enough time and space, they will eventually open up to you. However, if you push them to move faster than they are comfortable with moving, they are going to grow to resent you. Instead of drawing them closer, you are only going to push them away, because they are going to assume you are unable to respect their boundaries. They are going to assume you are trying to wrest control from them – and they aren’t going to let that happen.

Scorpios tend to clash with other dominant personalities. They don’t want to be around anyone who is going to fight for their rightful position as the leader. However, they always appreciate genuine, reliable people. They surround themselves with caring, considerate friends who they can count on during an emergency or any random afternoon. They also like being around hard workers who understand their own determination and desire for success.

If Your Jupiter Sign is in Scorpio

In astrology, we each have a sign in Jupiter, the planet of abundance, fortune, philosophy, and truth. Scorpio is known to be the zodiac of power, birth, and death (just like the Tarot card). So what does it mean if your Jupiter is in Scorpio?

  • Feelings of fear of new beginnings and lack of control are intense.
  • Will be more in touch with and act on their emotions, no matter how intense or extreme.
  • Success is possible with Jupiter’s good luck energy and Scorpio’s. determination to do whatever is pursued.

Scorpios have a confidence that borders on cockiness. However, it typically works to their advantage. Because of their strong drive to succeed, they never give up hope. Whenever they are met with a problem, they fix it instead of dwelling on what went wrong. Scorpios are survivors. Even when they go through hell, they will always pick themselves up from the floor and try again. Nothing is going to keep them down for long.

However, Scorpios aren’t big fans of change. They don’t like being thrown into new, unpredictable situations. Although they are fearless, they prefer having all of the facts upfront. That way, they will feel more in control of the situation. When they are out of their element, and know they aren’t going to be able to get through the day without asking for help, their self-esteem takes a hit. They start to panic. They don’t like feeling helpless. They don’t like wondering whether their own fate is out of their control.

Scorpio Man

  • Strong, masculine sexual force,
  • Will only show the emotion he has deep down once he’s in a committed relationship,
  • If you try and play games, he’ll notice this right away and hold a grudge,
  • Energetic and full of passion, especially when he’s in love,

Scorpio men are passionate, sexual, and filled with energy. They have high libidos, so the physical aspect of a relationship matters to them as much as the emotional and intellectual aspects. However, Scorpio men aren’t players who will hook up with anyone they happen to find attractive. They would rather be with one person they can trust. They prefer committed relationships – especially since they hate the games that go along with dating. They don’t want to be led on or lead anyone else on. They want something real and uncomplicated.

Unfortunately, Scorpio men are hard to read. They aren’t going to lie to you, but they will keep plenty of secrets from you. Even when you try hard to get them to open up to you, they will hold back the way they are feeling in order to give themselves the illusion of control. Scorpio men want to set the rules until they are sure they aren’t going to get hurt by you. They aren’t trying to be mean or insensitive. They’re simply trying to protect their own heart.

Scorpio Woman

  • Emotional.
  • Demanding.
  • Possessive, especially of her lovers → her partners won’t mind, though, because her sensuality is so charming and captivating.
  • Don’t be fake or play games with her — she’ll notice right away!
  • Seductive and flirtatious but won’t be too quick to give her heart to someone.

Scorpio women are flirtatious, confident, and always go after what they want. They aren’t afraid to tease someone with raunchy jokes and witty banter when they have a crush. However, just because they are comfortable flirting doesn’t mean that they are comfortable opening up in an emotional sense. It can take a long time for her to lower her guard. She isn’t going to be an open book right away. You are going to have to earn her trust.

The quickest way to lose a Scorpio woman is sending mixed signals. Playing hard to get isn’t going to win her over. Waiting hours to text her back or weeks to ask her on a date isn’t going to make her want you more. It’s only going to make her lose interest. She is going to be brutally honest with you from the day you meet — and she is going to expect you to return the favor. If she catches you in a little white lie, she isn’t going to be pleased. Her trust takes a long time to earn, but it only takes a second to lose completely.

7 Things to Know About Scorpio People 

  1. You might find that your Scorpio friend is possessive and the friendship can oftentimes be complicated and extreme.
  2. It’s the Scorpio nature to be power-hungry.
  3. Scorpios are the most sexually charged zodiac sign.
  4. A Scorpio person won’t really be a social butterfly, so don’t try and push them to be.
  5. You know that quote from John Green’s novel Paper Towns, “she loved mysteries so much she became one”? Yeah, that’s a Scorpio.
  6. This sun sign is fiercely loyal.
  7. Don’t try to betray a Scorpio or play games with them– they’ll hold a grudge over it forever. Is that the water sign energy coming out? Potentially…

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