You are one of those lucky people who have met that perfect partner, the person everyone else wishes they could find and have been wishing for since the day they were old enough to date. You know you love them, you’ve a good idea why, but you’ve never been able to express it properly. Don’t worry. It’s a common conundrum for people who are rendered speechless by the one they love.

How can you express your love to your lover?

There are countless ways to tell someone you love them. If you can’t find the right words to use, here are some ideas. You can even use them when you’re composing your vows!

#1 You are my best friend. No matter what the situation, where we are, what we are doing, we can share our every precious moment together, as much friends as lovers, providing all the support and care that great friends always do.

#2 You accept me for who I am. We’re all of us different in so many ways and I am no exception. But whereas others have tried to change me, to try and make me fit their personal expectations, you always accept me for who I am and love me for being that person.

#3 You give the best cuddles and hugs. Whenever things are going wrong, and only a bit of silence and a loving hug will do, you are always there with a warm and supporting hug to make everything seem so much better.

#4 You like watching the same TV series. We both cried together when Adriana was killed in the Pine Barrens. We watched in awe as Walt took out the meth den with his chemistry skills. We laughed as Piper made a pair of slippers from sanitary towels. You love dissecting the plot and character development as much as I do, and you can sit with me as we discuss the minutiae of it until the wee hours of the morning.

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#5 You like the same music that I do. We can get up late on a Sunday morning, turn on the tunes and boogie our way through making the breakfast, without either of us getting uptight about what’s playing and trying to replace it with something else.

#6 I love your eyes. When I hold you, lie next to you, look at you across the room, or whatever the situation, I see the real you there that nobody else knows – the real you who tells me with your eyes that you love me as much as I love you.

#7 You give me space when I need it. Sometimes we all need a little time to ourselves, to think, to drink, to potter, to party, to see old friends and make new ones. Some partners would be jealous of time spent in others’ company, but you always encourage me to take as much time as I need outside the relationship to explore my individuality.

#8 You give me support when I need it. Life creates many trials for us, and sometimes it can be difficult to cope with the odd unexpected curve ball or sleight of hand, but you are always there to pick me up and give me all the support I need to make it through to the other side.

#9 I love your attitude towards my friends and family. You are never possessive of my time and you don’t expect me to drop all those friends I had made before I met you, nor do you limit my time with them. Even more importantly, you never create tensions within my family. You always treat them with respect and do your best to show them that I have made the best choice of partner that I ever possibly could.

#10 You make me feel attractive. There is never a moment when a compliment does not pass your lips, nor a second when you are not eager to share with me your good opinion on my looks and appearance.

#11 You support my aspirations. Never would you entertain the thought, for even the merest of seconds, of telling me that I am being unrealistic or silly. Everything you can do, either through kind words or encouraging actions, you will do to help me make my dreams a reality.

#12 You listen to me. Sometimes all I want to do is rave and rant, sometimes to pour out my heart, sometimes to share a great idea or thought. Each and every time you put down what you are doing, take a seat and open your ears and heart to me – never trivializing or belittling what I might have to say.

#13 You make me laugh. Not for nothing do they say that laughter is the best medicine. Whenever I am feeling down you are always ready to jump into the affray and disarm my negative feelings and black thoughts with a stab of wit and playful word. Within no time at all, you have me laughing along and putting my concerns and woes behind me.

#14 The way you defend me. Never has there been a stouter ally in the face of adversity, and when the attack begins, no matter what form it takes, you always jump to my side to defend me and to help me defeat the offender.

#15 The way we say nothing at all. The song says it so well, and we really can just sit there in absolute silence, lost in our thoughts, looking into the distance or hugging and kissing, comfortable and at ease and without a single time-filling word ever needing to be said.

#16 Your affection. When we are together, we become lost in each other. I thrill each time to the touch of your hands upon me – whether holding my hand, steering my arm or lightly emphasizing a point with your fingertips – and I appreciate the story your body language tells of your trust in our relationship.

#17 Your strength of conviction. You never waver or fail, and when the big decisions come, you are ready to make them. Likewise, you live every single step of your life according to a strictly ethical set of principles, following them without compromise or tractability.

#18 You always make time for me. No matter what else might be going on in your life, no matter how busy or manic things get, you always make time for me. You will put everything else on hold and show me that in your list of priorities there is nothing higher.

#19 You communicate with me. Lines of communication are always open. Whether having a discussion over a current news story, working out the household finances or talking over a family issue, you are always willing to contribute and take part. Even when arguments arise, you show  your willingness to meet halfway and arrive at a compromise so that we can return to our former state of bliss in as short a time as possible.

#20 The way your smile lifts my heart. Do I need to say more? No matter what the stresses of the day, no matter what worries may be plaguing my thoughts, one of your smiles chases away the clouds and lifts the love that I feel for you right back to the surface where it belongs.





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