The world of relationships and * can be quite confusing. Sometimes you get involved with people whom you don’t like that much, and sometimes you fall head over heels in love. But, despite how you feel, relationships are a two way street, and it is just as important to know how the other person feels. After all, who wants to get hung up on somebody who doesn’t love them back?

Do you love someone who doesn’t love you back?

Difficult as it may be to know exactly how someone feels about you, you can still look at some signs to clue you in on whether or not the one you love also loves you back.

#1 They frequently ignore your messages. Text or online messaging can be great ways to keep in contact with your significant other, or the person you are interested in. They are great ways to communicate, flirt, and basically, just give each other attention.

If the person you are in love with is keeping an icy distance with texting or with online messages, that can be a warning sign that the feeling isn’t mutual.

#2 Unequal amounts of gift giving. If you are spending hundreds or thousands of dollars on the person you love, but he or she is not spending nearly enough on you, then it can be a red flag. Even if the person doesn’t have much money, they can still reciprocate by doing favors for you. If you get neither favors nor gifts for your efforts, then the one you’re spending so much on may not feel the same about you.

#3 They hardly ever want to cuddle. This might mean they aren’t invested in the connection. Cuddling is a close bonding experience that goes outside the realm of pure * desire. It can be quite intimate, and if your partner is dodging cuddle sessions left and right, that could mean that he or she doesn’t want to bond with you any further.

#4 They frequently flirt with other people. If your significant other is out there flirting up a storm, this could definitely be a signal that something is wrong. Maybe you stopped flirting with people a long time ago, because you are only interested in him or her. But if he or she is still flirting big time, you might want to take note of that. There could be trouble in paradise.

#5 They avoid spending time with you. Despite having enough free time to pencil in some bonding time with you, the person you like still makes up a bunch of excuses. Things would be even worse if they keep making the same excuses, as this means they’re not even bothering with coming up with anything plausible just to fend you off.

#6 Their body language blocks you off. Although this is more of a subtle sign that the person whom you love doesn’t love you back, it can also be one of the most important ones. Body language oftentimes conveys a lot of emotion. And importantly, it can convey emotion that the person doesn’t want to communicate verbally for one reason or another.

If your love interest’s body language is flat or distant, especially when he or she is interacting with you, this could definitely mean that something is wrong. It’s usually men who have a hard time communicating emotions, and rely on their body language and actions to speak for them. So you might want to pay attention to the subtle signals from body language.

#7 There’s no passion in the bedroom. Keep in mind that just because someone sleeps with you, doesn’t mean he or she loves you. When two people are really into each other, the * can be extremely passionate. There is a give and take between the two people that is highly rewarding and satisfying.

One sign that your feelings aren’t reciprocated is a lackluster * life. Even if your partner isn’t that great in bed, there should at least be some semblance of passion to show that he or she is into you.

#8 They avoid eye contact with you. There is a common saying that, “the eyes are the windows to the soul.” Not looking you directly in the eyes could be a sign of a lack of interest, a wish that they were somewhere else entirely or even hesitation to tell you outright that they don’t want to be with you.

#9 They won’t let you use their phone. Refusal to let you use his or her phone could mean that your partner is hiding something from you, such as flirty text and pictures from someone else. But other than that, it can also be a sign that they don’t trust you enough to look through their correspondences.

#10 They lie about their whereabouts. Occasionally, you may catch the person whom you love lying to you about where he or she is going. If they say that they are going to watch the baseball game at the bar, but you know that the game isn’t on until tomorrow, this could be a warning sign. Also, they may also not care that you caught them in a lie at all.

#11 You feel alone in the relationship. Do you ever feel like you’re the only one who puts in any actual effort to make the relationship work? Do you feel as if your partner has just given up, but they just haven’t had the nerve to tell they want to get out of the relationship? Feeling alone may be a sign that your partner has completely neglected your needs, and is just waiting on you to give it all up and move on.





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