There are plenty of ways your guy might be saying he loves you without actually saying it. If you are worried that he doesn’t love you, because you haven’t actually heard him tell you out loud, you’re not alone.

Just because he may not say it all the time, doesn’t mean he isn’t head over heels for you. He might just have his own quirky ways to let you know his love for you, instead of actually verbally communicating it.

It’s a matter of letting his actions speak louder than his words. In a way, it may leave you a little confused, because he’s not explicitly stating it out loud. But then again, there are tons of guys who can say those three words, but words are all you’ll ever get from them.

How do men show their love without words?

Looking for signs he loves you without relying on his words? Here are some of the cutest ways he expresses his affections with actions.

#1 He knows exactly how you like your coffee. If you like your coffee black, or like it with a little bit of sugar and milk, or if you always order your usual cappuccino at Starbucks, it doesn’t matter because your man knows exactly what you like.

If your guy always manages to get you your personalized cup of Joe when you go to the ladies room, or if he always has it ready for you in the morning before you wake up, it’s safe to say your guy definitely cares about you, and he knows you well enough to have your coffee ready for you before you even mention it.

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#2 He does chores. No one really loves doing chores, unless they are doing chores for someone they love, and want to make that person happy. It’s like when Jennifer Aniston says in the movie The Break Up, “I want you to want to do the dishes.”

If your guy empties the dishwasher, folds your laundry, and vacuums without you even asking him to, it’s a sure sign this guy is head over heels for you. And it’s also safe to say that he wants to do the dishes because he wants you to be happy.

#3 He tells jokes. He tells jokes, not because he wants to be the center of attention, but because he wants to put a smile on your face and make you laugh. If your guy goes out of his way to make you laugh by doing something funny, take this as a sign that your man loves you.

He loves you so much that he wants to see the way your eyes crinkle up when you’re tearing up from laughter, and he knows that he can pull this off successfully. He also knows exactly what kinds of humor to use on you on bad days, because he knows how much they will cheer you up—and they always do!

#4 He names something after you. This could be a variety of things. If he’s a writer and he names a character after you or if he’s being funny and names a pet rock after you or if he composes a song with your name as a title, then it’s a sure sign he’s absolutely smitten.

When a guy names something after you, it means that he wants your presence to be all around him, even if you’re not there physically. It’s like he’s turned you into his muse, and he just can’t get enough of you, to the point that there’s always something around him with your name on it.

#5 He buys you flowers for no reason. Flowers aren’t just something a girl should receive on Valentine’s Day or birthdays, and your man knows this. If you get flowers sent to work from your guy for no reason, or you come home from a long day to find a beautiful bouquet sitting on your counter, you should know that your man cares about you, and this is his way of letting you know that.

You should also feel pretty special, because there are so many guys out there who don’t know the value and importance of sending a girl flowers for no reason, but your man does!

#6 He buys you jewelry. Like flowers, jewelry is another great way a guy says that he loves you without actually having to say it. In fact, if a guy doesn’t love you I can assure you he won’t even think of getting you jewelry. Period.

Whether it’s a handmade trinket that he got from an antique shop or an expensive Tiffany bracelet, a guy who goes out of his way to pick up accessories for his girl is definitely a guy who’s head over heels in love with her.

#7 He tucks you in. Have you ever fallen asleep before your man, and when you wake up, you’re all tucked in nice and cozy under the blankets? If this is your man’s doing, then it means he definitely cares a whole lot about you.

If your man takes the time to make sure you are comfortable, even after he sees you’ve fallen asleep, he’s taken that extra step to make sure you are warmly snuggled under the blankets, and so that you won’t wake up in the middle of the night freezing cold and looking for covers to steal from him. If you are seeing a tucker-in type, you’re extremely lucky and it’s also safe to say he loves you, otherwise he wouldn’t waste his time!

#8 He makes you breakfast. This is the kind of guy that just gets it. He knows the way to your heart is through coffee, eggs, pancakes, and whatever else you love eating for breakfast.

He also knows that maybe you aren’t the best at preparing breakfast, and he cares so much about you that he wants to make sure you get a balanced diet, so he always wakes up a little earlier just to make sure you are fed, and energized for the day. On top of that, you have to give him credit for making such an effort so early in the morning. Nothing says I love you like a man who makes you breakfast!

#9 He goes grocery shopping and always has a surprise. He may not be the one who buys your groceries all the time, but when he does, you always happen to find a surprise in the bags. It could be something as simple as your favorite cereal, or chocolate, or he bought not only one, but two of your favorite cookies.

It’s the little things that matter, and he picks up the little things in person, and in your relationship. You want to be with someone who knows your taste buds, and he wants to be the one to know them. He also knows these little grocery store surprises are sure to put a smile on your face, and by doing this, it is one of his ways of letting you know just how much he cares about you.

#10 He leaves inside jokes on your social media. Whenever you post a status, or share a video, or upload a photo, and your man happens to ‘like’ it or make a funny comment, this means that he wants the world to know that he appreciates you. By commenting on your social media stuff, it’s his roundabout way of “claiming” his territory without being corny and repetitive by posting things like “I love you baby” all the time.

Really, think about how many people you know who are always posting on each other’s walls about how much they love each other. They look pretty lame! Your guy is way cooler than that, and also, he’s letting you know he loves you without being the annoying boyfriend on Facebook. Once again, consider yourself lucky in love!

If you’re with a guy who tends to do many of these above things, then you have nothing to fear, because your man is totally into you, and he lets you know he is, though it’s not exactly in the ways you might have anticipated.




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